Monday, October 4, 2010

Counting Steps At Batu Caves


On the way back from Bukit Tinggi, suddenly decided to drop by Batu Caves temple since it's on the way (and I haven't been there before either).

Ermm.. I just had a hiking session at Bukit Tinggi, now here?
I can't believe it myself!! Lil Piggy is having a weekend of hiking session! LOL!
Okay...Let's start counting the steps!

Nearly halfway up.. not bad.. I am still feeling ok..

This little girl ran up the stairs barefooted with such ease!

Yes.. I am in a dress and slipper again.. this trip wasn't planned for either! LOL!

There are monkeys here too!

It was known that there are 272 steps leading p to Batu Cave temple.. but I only counted 254 steps..Maybe I lost count while catching my breath on the way up.. LOL!
After all those steps..reached the mouth of the cave..
I didn't expect it to look like this... Such a huge place!

There are water from the top of the cave dripping down..unfortunately my camera unable to capture that scene =p
The main temple at the top of the cave.
The scenery at the top .. Ohh so pretty!

Colourful sculptured and statues adorning the entrance / exit arch.

Another cave nearby Batu Caves - The Dark Cave..

Hmm.. I wonder how educational this trip would be..maybe next trip =p
Okay.. Lil Piggy had a good exercise.. time to head to my pig-sty and get a good rest before the start of another stretch of hectic days..:)


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