Thursday, December 17, 2009



Tired of having KFC?
Try Popeyes! =)
It was said that after KFC, Popeyes is on the next on the list for its yummy fried chickens.

Promo for Mondays to Fridays

Besides chicken, there are selections of fish, squid platter and savoury rice

Their own brand of Ketchup & Chilli sauce

2 piece fried chicken, 1 bread, 1 mashed potatoes, 1 coleslaw
Pretty much like the standard KFC meal eh?

I lurve Popeyes Mashed Potatoes! The gravy is so much yummier compared to KFC =p

Coleslaw - prefer this one compared to KFC as well =p

Cookie-look-a-like from the outside

Soft bread on the inside

Interior of Popeyes @ Sunway Pyramid Mall

Decoration on wall Interior of Popeyes

More decoration on wall! =p

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