Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Call to Domino's Pizza


I called Dominos Pizza’s hotline (1300-888-333) to make an order this morning for my boss and his directors’ lunch-in meeting. It goes like this:

Dominos Officer (DO) : Good Morning, Welcome to Dominos Pizza and he mumbled something abt Pizza puff Crust bla bla bla.. My name is Chin. What is your order today?

Me : Hi Chin, Good Morning I am Lil Piggy (of coz I told him my actual name..hahaha) and I would like to use the SF 221 coupon which entitles me to 2 Large Pizzas with Extra Cheese.

DO : May I have your mobile number please?

Me : So I “spelled” my mobile number slowly… zero one three..

DO : *I can hear him typing in the background* 0..1..3..

Me : six, one, five

DO : *type type…* 6..1..5..

Me : eight, eight..

DO : double zeros?

Me : No… double eight! Double eight one six

DO : So, I repeat, your number is 013 615 8816?

Me : Yes, Correct…

DO : You are calling from Block C?

Me : Yes… ( by now I feel BAAAHHHHHH>>> HURRY UP!!!) I’d like to use the promotion coupon SF 221 for my order.

DO : That’s two large pizza with extra cheese. So what type pizza you want to order? (at this I was like.. Oh gosh..what happen to the “quality” of Dominos Pizza’s call centre??)

Me : I’d like to have one Aloha Chicken and Seafood Delight please..

DO : Aloha Chicken, what type of crust you like?

Me : I’d like to have both pizzas on the thin crust please..

DO : Your address is at the 10th floor ma’am?

Me : Yes, that’s correct.

DO : What is the flavour for another pizza?

Me : *slaps forehead* The second flavour would be Seafood Delight. ONE Aloha Chicken, ONE Seafood delight.

DO : Ok ma’am. Anything else to add in your order?

Me : No, that’s all.

DO : Ok Ma’am, total bill is RM 50 and it’s 11.00am now. Your pizza will be arriving at 11.30am. Thank you for calling Domino's Pizza.

Pheew.. I was relieved that the order was finally done! Gosh! Was quite frustrated when I was still on the phone. But after the call, I started laughing!

*some details (name/contact#) has been changed to protect the identity of individuals.


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