Monday, October 12, 2009

Team Building @ Awana Genting


I wasn't too keen to participate in this team building weekend as I am super stressed and worried about my assignmnet due date which is drawing near. Nevertheless, with a heavy heart and open mind (such a contradiction!) and with my fingers crossed, I said to myself, I'll be able to catch up with my assignments after this weekend.

Also, I don't feel quite right to abandon my colleagues for the event as well. Why? Because, I was in charge in the accomodation and coordination between the hotel and trainers. So.. yeah.. a good girl I will be and start packing my stuffs for the weekend!

Where? Choice given was either Genting Highlands or Port Dickson.
We chose Awana Genting Highlands Resort. Venue at Genting Highlands would be a bit more pricey but since our last company trip was at Port Dickson, it was decided to to go for another location for team building event.

Queen Sized Beds - This time I've gotta share the bed with another colleague as we've got three person sharing a room

TV is kinda small for the size of the room.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Shower Cap - pretty much the basic stuffs

Bathtub & Shower

Toilet's kept clean

View from our room

On our way to outdoor team building activities

FST Training & Development were given the reins to organize the team building modules. Why were they chosen? Simply because we're allowed to claim the training expenses from Human Resources Development Levy (HRDF).

FST Trainers explaining rules of games

Coordination and timing.. hmm.. this photo looks... errhh.. I better not go into that area.. LOLZ!

Balancing and Speed

There are many more games and activities but I didn't get the chance to capture them all. I guess it would be much more challenging if we were to engage the Awana Genting's team building package.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was all buffet style at the resort's coffee house. Nothing to shout about. In fact, I rather say the breakfast in First World Hotel is so much better compared to Awana Genting Resort.Link
After the team building weekend, I wonder will there really be any changes to the company's team spirit? My guess is : NO CHANGES. =p


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