Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Post Wisdom Teeth Surgery


What’s my diet regime after the surgery?
- Yoghurt
- Ice Creams
- Cream of Mushroom Soup
- Cream of Chicken Soup
- Chocolate Milk (I don’t like to drink milk…so chocolate would be tolerable enough)
- Tofu

By Saturday (the fifth day after the surgery), my cheeks were still swollen… Got a little worried whether they will subside in time before I report back to work on Monday. I still can’t really open my mouth wide enough to shove the whole spoonful of whatever I wanna eat but I was feeling so greedy that I couldn’t resist grabbing a small piece of chicken nugget and nibbled on them! How do I feel? A teeny bit happier but still frustrated because I couldn’t taste nor munch properly. Not being able to eat well makes me feel awfully irritated! Monday came and although I felt a bit restless, I dragged myself out of bed and head on to office. Told my colleagues don’t try to say or do anything funny because I can’t laugh and also I don’t wanna get agitated with them at the same time. My mood was still rather crappy.

By Thursday (ninth day post surgery day), I realized that I can chew lightly on both sides of my teeth with a slight uncomfortable feeling on the stitches but.. hey.. at least I can munch rather than using my front teeth to nibble..Can’t really enjoy food by nibbling…

Two weeks after the surgery, it’s time to visit the dentist again to remove stitches! @_@ Started to get flashback of the pain and all that happened during surgery…but my friends that went through the process before told me that I shouldn’t worry because taking out the stitches won’t hurt much. So, I took a deep breath, walked into the room, greet the doc and sat on the chair I sat last two weeks ago. He asked me how many days was my cheeks swollen up. Told him it was about 1 week to past before I look quite normal again.

He told me that he had another patient, a man in his 30’s, after me on the same day I did my surgery. That man also took the oral sedative like I did and he started to snore during the surgery! The doc started chuckling and said “Different person reacted differently..your’s is a slower effect huh” I went.. “uh.. ha ha ha?”

After that, I ask him will it be painful to take out the stitches? He said not at all…I told him to Please Please Please spray more numb medicine on the area. I felt a slight pain when the “scissors” has to go through in between and cut the stitches but other than that.. ALL WAS OK!! PHEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! No SUPER MASSIVE PAIN!! ^_^


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