Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Wisdom Teeth Removal


The day has finally come for me to get my wisdom teeth removed – one each, on my left and right of the lower jaw. My appointment to remove these two, have been long overdue since end of 2007! The fear of the word, minor surgery freaks me out and since they didn’t give me much problem at that time, I decided to postpone the visit as long as I could.. =p

Condition of my lower jaw wisdom teeth:
Both of them grew sideways instead of upwards like my other teeth. The right side’s gum surrounding the wisdom tooth have started to swell and the left side tooth started to have a hole and decaying. This one hurts the most.

In fact, my upper jaw wisdom teeth grew downward nicely enough. But the doc said sooner or later I would need to remove those as well.. But since those on the upper jaws are not giving me problems YET, I rather let them be and look into the problematic ones first.

I’ve decided to removed both at the lower jaw at the same time.. I am not brave enough to go back the second time to remove another side after the first.
I was told to consume two pills of oral sedatives (sleeping pills), two pills of painkillers and one tab of antibiotic, an hour before surgery.
Surgery was set at 12.30pm so I am supposed to consume those pills at 11.30am. Only I was 5 minutes late, took all of them at 11.35am. The painkiller is working as my left side didn’t hurt anymore. By then, I didn’t even wanna go to the clinic to go through the removal procedures!!
But I know painkiller effect would be temporary… so OFF I go and reached the clinic at 12.20pm.

12.30pm - Went into the room where my mini surgery would be performed. The doctor was surprised that I was still wide awake and actively chatting. (I WAS SO SCARED ACTUALLY!!)

5 minutes later, he gave me a few jabs onto my gums left and right nearby the teeth that’s supposed to be removed. I forgot to close my eyes and I saw the FREAKING needle!! Started to get more terrified! I heard the doc said “Relax ya…” and the nurse said “Just an ants bite”..UGH!

12.45pm – I wasn’t feeling the slightest drowsiness. I told the nurse amidst my starting to numb lips and tongue, “I'm still not sleepy!” The doc replied me. “The effect on patients differs, some patients only takes 30 minutes and they started to get very sleepy, looks like it’s taking a slower effect on you..let’s wait 5 more minutes…”

My heart was beating fast..I tried to relax..tried to close my eyes..Not even 5 minutes have passed and the doc came over, I heard him. The nurse asked me to wear a sunglass, to protect my eyes whe she assists the doc to adjust the lighting later. Like so glamorous huh? hahaha..
I put the glasses on but my eyes were still open when I saw the doc taking something that look like a small scalpel? I went silently “Oh No…here it comes..” he said open your mouth, don’t worry…

I closed my eyes from then onwards..hearing the drilling, the sound of cracking..everything..he started with my right tooth. When he started pulling the tooth out, I shivered, uncontrollably. Petrified…. Sheesh!
Thank God, it went quite well..No pain..not even when he started to sew on my gums.

Not on my left tooth though. It hurt so much that I shouted and my legs were curled up, luckily I didn’t kick anything. The doctor said there’s an infection, he needs to put another jab onto my roots!! The jab was done but I can still feel the pain especially when he was yanking the tooth out. I can’t help it, tears ran down my cheeks. I didn’t feel it when the tooth came out but all I know is that after that he started sewing and told me it’s all over and done with. The nurse said “Yaay!!” @_@..I know she’s trying to cheer me up. She said "Rest a while more ok...” and gave me a tap on my shoulder. I nodded but I think the pain killer have started to wear off, the pain was beginning to be unbearable.

I struggled to tell the doc “Painkiller.. I need painkillers” He said, “Don’t worry, you’ll collect it later” I managed to say thank you. After that the nurse asked me to rinse my mouth, yeap I can see blood…then the doc placed gauze on both sides of the surgery area. Then, I sat up, walked out slowly from the room, couldn’t stand it anymore…started sobbing..sniffing..

My boyfriend was seated at the couch, still waiting, the same spot I last saw him before I went to the surgery room..gave me a hug and tell me that I am a strong that, I sobbed even more..I know..i sound pathetic now...Sigh..
He helped me to collect my medications and set my appointment to get my stitches out in 2 weeks time. At that point of time, I can’t wait to go home and down my painkillers! So uncomfortable!

Reached home, started to feel drowsy..Heck, NOW the sleeping pill takes effect!!!??
I popped in 2 painkillers and an antibiotic and went off to bed. When I woke up, the pain is more bearable and my lips and tounge are no longer numb.
I staggered to look in the mirror, GAWD! My lower cheeks were swollen up! Except that my left side is swollen more than the right… I look like

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