Thursday, January 22, 2009

When We Are In a Relationship


Daily Habit #1: Talk to Each other
Daily Habit #2: Flirt with each other
Daily Habit #3: Get Stupid Together

Build a foundation of Appreciation & Respect.
Simply say “thank you” on every considerate actions your partner say and does.
Saying “I’m Sorry” may be difficult, but it makes a lot of difference in the long run of a relationship.
Enjoy each other’s company

Get to know each other’s interest, likes & dislikes
Discuss one thing at a time
Try new things together
Occasionally, hang out in a group

Establish an understanding with each other
Learn to trust!
Establish an atmosphere of emotional support
Exercise healthy communication
Be a good listener
Be each other’s best friend
Be supportive to each other

As months and years passes by and our relationship grows, we need to expect some changes that will impact the relationship.
Learn to welcome the change, take it as an opportunity to enhance the strength of the relationship.

Don’t take each other for granted, allow each other’s right of privacy when needed.

Our relationship is likely to drift into rocky waters without us even noticing if we don’t take the initiative to keep it “alive”.


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