Sunday, November 20, 2011

Penang Bridge Int'l Marathon 2011


The thought of painful leg muscles was still very fresh from the Standard Chartered Marathon in July but Flamingo Long Legs was successful in brain washing me to join the 10km run for Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011.

Part of me screams.. You mad woman!!! Not another painful muscles and crab walking stint!!???
Another part of me calmly tells me.. Relax… You NEED to sweat it out…YOU need to exercise you PIG!!

19-Nov-11, Saturday

So.. yeah.. here I am, after 5 months, collected my race pack at Queensbay Mall open carpark a day before the run.

Freebies in the goodie bag wasn't so interesting.... and..the running singlet is PINK!!! 
Wow.. I didn’t expect that.. ^_^ Chill.. the guys will have BLUE singlets.. hehehe..

Banner nearby Queensbay Mall to direct runners to 10km / Fun run start/ end point

20-Nov-11, Sunday

The scene at the start of point..All I can see were heads..and armpits @_@ due to my vertically challenged height..LOL!

10km run started at 6.00am. 
It’s still dark and I so wish I was still on bed zzZZzz-ing..
Anyhow.. time to warm up and wait for the “BANG” to signal runner to start  running.. jogging.. or walking :p

6.00am sharp.. *BANG!* and the run begun.... the air was cool & fresh.. definitely different feeling from running at Standard Chartered Run.

This was taken when I was about 30 minutes into my walk/jog :p Already feeling breathless!! 

I've asked Flamingo Long Legs to continue her run ahead of me.. 
Me  : You go ahead.. run along.. I'll catch up later (yeah right...! ;p)
She : Sure? Will you be ok? I can continue running with you..
Me  : Huff.. Puff... Huff.. No.. it's ok.. I need to walk.. hehehe
She : Okie.. meet you at the finish line! 

1 hour has passed and I still had a LOOOOONG way to go before I reach the finish line.. I need to finish it in 1 hour & 30 minutes!! 30 mnutes left!!! ARRGGHH!!!
I MUST MUST MUST finish in an hour and a half, else I won't get the medal :p 
(Later I realized.. it doesn't matter how long you took to finish the run, still will get the medal @_@)

At one point, I heard someone behind me went in a sing-a-long rhythm:
Heeh Heeh Huuuuhh...Huuh Heeeh Heeeh! Heeh Heeh Huuuuhh... .! 
When that person passed me, it was an uncle about mid-50s..jogging with his own ryhthm! LOL! 
I stopped laughing and slapped myself (in my mind), "Hey! start RUNNING!!!!!! Uncle is even fitter than you!!"

And.. I DID it!!!! I finished the run in a bit lesser than an hour and a half! SOooo proud of myself! HAHAHHAHAHHAA :p

Certificate of Achievement

10 km Run Finisher Medal

Lil Piggy's Result
ChipTime : 1:25:02.95
GunTime : 1:25:44.54
Ranking : 683/2937

Flamingo Long Legs's Result
ChipTime : 1:06:03.20
GunTime : 1:06:45.16
Ranking      : 69/2937

I am 19 minutes slower than her but I am 614 place away from her ranking!! LOL!!  Nevertheless, I am proud of myself as I am able to complete the 10km walkathon / jogathon in under 1 hour and 30 minutes time.. hehehehe..

Snapshots of my ex-colleagues who joined the run..(CK, Xinru, Siew, 400 & MF Wong) all the way from MUDDY KOALA!! I mean.. KUALA LUMPUR~~ heh heh heh..
Photo credit to MF Wong :)

A picture taken with two of my wonderful Penang Amigos, "Flamingo Long Legs" & "Red"  by Allianz team.

Girl guides taking a snooze time after being awake to be on duty for whole morning/night... 
I'm not sure why do we need girl guides to be on duty? Definitely need St John/ Red Cresent folks around.. but girl guides? I son't see any scouts hanging around? :p

Anyway...I told Flamingo Legs that she should aim to finish in top 15 next year and get some moolah! Guess what's her reply? "Let's join Half Marathon - 21Km next year instead!!!"



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