Friday, June 24, 2011

Kuching - Sarawak Cultural Village


Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) tagline "Explore Sarawak in Half a Day" - So I've decided to pay them a visit while I'm at Kuching and since it's a short visit.. I think it's a good idea =p
Got to know that SCV is also the venue for the World Harvest Festival and Rainforest World Music Festival.

Registration Counter - RM 60/ entry for adults

A visitor sticker and "passport" given upon registration. Besides proving short information on the Sarawak culture/ ethnic groups, the passport will be stamped on each house visit by visitors.

The view of Mount Santubong greet me as I stepped through the entrance

Short dance & singing performance

Bridge to Bidayuh "Round" House.

Although on the info booklet it was stated at longhouse.. it's actually Circular in shape and the people inside the house told me this style is actually used for their people to hold meetings / keep the skulls of the dead..

Exterior of the Bidayuh "Round" House.

Inside the Bidayuh house, you'll get to see different types of carving materials, traditional clothings & music instruments on display.

Iban Longhouse - LOOOONNGGG INDEED!!!

I stood long enough watching her and I still can't seem to figure out how to do this! @_@

I like this!! I call it the "bird nest" cookie =p
It's crispy and sweet .. should have taken a close-up picture :p

Some of the things on display at Iban Longhouse

Penan Hut

Making of the "Sapeh" a traditional music instrument

Orang Ulu Tall House

Making of potato crackers

Making of "cucur"

A wooden Xylophone

Visitors at Orang Ulu Tall house were also treated to a dance performance with music played on Sapeh.
(Enjoy the video)

Melanau Tall House

I don't think I wanna have this kind of staircase at home.. a bit of a safety hazard issue :p

Some of the display items in Melanau Tall House

Malay House

Making of Kuih Bahulu

Making of Love Letter Biscuit

Chinese Farm House - most Chinese at Sarawak are either Hakka or Foochow descendant..


Pepper Blower..To get a a better grade pepper if not mistaken..

Pepper Thresher - To separate the pepper from the pepper vine

The simple way of extracting the bird nest.
Nest soaked in water, impurities will be separated manually by hand..

End of house tour, proceed to the hall for dance performance!

Opening Dance

Iban Ngajat Lesung Dance

Bidayuh Rejab Buluh dance (or something that sounds like that) =p

Guest performance by Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Singapore - Gypsy Rhapsody

Melanau Aru Aru Dance (I still didn't get to hear clearly when the emcee introduce each dance)

Melanau Aru Aru Dance -got bamboo dance!! I was hoping I could learn that =p

Orang Ulu Kamjet Melebu (again - not sure if it's the correct name..hahaha)

Sarawak Malay Community Zapin Selendang Dance

Performance ended with Joget Dance and guest are coaxed to grace the stage as well.. LOL..


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