Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Turtles@Pantai Kerachut (30 Apr'11)


Heard that there's a turtle hatchery at Pantai Kerachut (Kerachut Beach), Penang (I was like since when???!!).
I was kinda excited as I've always wanted to see baby turtles up-close. we GO!!!

To get to Pantai Kerachut we gotta do a little bit of trekking of about 2 hours OR a 30 minutes boat ride. My buddies and I decided to trek up there and return to start point by boat :)
We also decided to hire a guide - just to make the journey less boring =p
All that cost us : RM 100 a guide & RM 100 for a boat.

Entrance to the Penang's National Park.

While waiting for the rest to get ready.. looking around and saw fishermen hauling in baskets of fishes freshly caught..

Our guide, Sabri (on the left) telling the group that there might be a chance in meeting a crazy monkey while we trek up? Huh?

What Sabri did for us while we trek up beside helping us to take group photos?? =p He showed us a few trees that either "bleed", milk rubber that can be used to be made chewing gum, leaves that has healing effect..etc.. (I couldn't remember which tree is for what.. it all looks the same to me! LOL)

The beginning of the trek, all tiled up. I thought to myself.. hmm not bad..

Canopy Walk - RM 5 per pax per entry

I thought it was suppose to be wider..

One thing I find it absurd is that, this canopy walk is like a semi circle..You start the canopy walk from point B, which is further up the trail and the end of the canopy walk at point A, which is at the earlier part of the trail..(yeap, you actually passed Point A when you trek up to Point B). After the canopy walk, you gotta walk all the way up to Point B again to continue your trekking.

What's my take on this? Just skip this canopy walk =p

We were told to wait till the person in front of you reached 5 meters ahead before you step onto the canopy walkway to begin your walk :p We finished our canopy "exercise" in less than 10 minutes. When we met our guide again, he said, "You guys walked too fast, noy enjoying the scenery?" =p

The trail soon gets narrower and no longer tiled up..
Still feeling okay..Gosh.. how long has it been since I do physical activities such as this.....
I was sweating like I haven't sweat in YEARS!!!! Keep it up piggy!! I CAN DO THIS!!

The meromictic lake..

This lake was tagged as one of the attractions at Pantai Kerachut. It's deemed special because the lake has two layers of water.
Top : Fresh Water (cooler temperature)
Bottom: Sea Water (warmer temperature)

I thought I could get to experience the water temperature myself.. but.. no luck.. all dried up..

Finally arrived at Pantai Kerachut! (forgotten to take a pic of the stretch of beach =p)

While we catch our breath, there are a few boats with people arriving at the beach, all geared up for picnic..
Well, we bought our own food stuffs along as well (shoulder pain from carrying the bag of food) but was too tired to eat..@_@

Next ; off to visit baby turtles!!

Turtle eggs in hatching process =P


They said that temperature plays a part on the gender of these turtles.. So, I didn't bring it up to play - Just in case I caused its gender

Well, I was a little disappointed with the turtle hatchery here though.. it looks deserted and not properly maintained. It would be good to station at least a couple of personnel here to greet and share information about these turtles and what they do to help with the turtle hatching process.. etc..


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