Monday, June 29, 2009

My First Mini Marathon of 5KM


I’m not an athletic person so, what makes me decide to participate in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009?! I guess at the time my ex-colleague ask me to join in the run, I was feeling bored and in need of exercise after gorging on lotsa food, so I agreed to register myself.
Surprising?! Yes!

There are a few categories:
a) Full Marathon: 42.195 KM
b) Half Marathon: 21.097 KM
c) 10 KM Run
d) Fun Run: 5 KM
e) Kids Dash : 3 KM & 950 M

Marathon route - 5KM route is the one highlighted in magenta

I couldn’t possibly join in the Kids dash (age limit is up till 12 years old only). So, I chose the next shortest run : 5 KM. After the registration which was more than a month before the race day : 28.06.09, I didn’t really have time to worry whether I’ll be able to finish the 5KM feat as there were assignments & exam fever despite work in office to keep me busy.

As the race day draw near, my head was reminding me countless of times to start jogging or at least swim? Instead, my activity to gorge on food was intensified. Sigh..

Two days before the race, runners will need to collect their Race Pack.

Tents set up according to run category for race pack collection

Some of the stuffs in the Race Pack

What we wear on race day

Expecting it would be challenging and a waste of time to find parking at Dataran Merdeka, so took the LRT at 7am from Kelana Jaya to Masjid Jamek instead. I was feeling kinda excited to see there’s so many others who donned the same “uniform” as me. Some even have their race bib (race number) already pinned on their vest/singlet..hehehe

When I reached Dataran Merdeka, I’m able to see a few runners from other race category (Full.Half Marathon & 10KM Run) already sweating it out. I was standing and waiting for the 5KM run to start, not at the front of the flag off point but right behind..hahaha.. Snap a couple of photos and then I heard someone on the microphone saying” ARE YOU READY?!” and the participants went “YEAAHH!!” And then, “Ready..GO!!!” while the sound of Gongs /Drums accompanied the flagging off. As the crowd started to move forward slowly, so did I.

Runners waiting to be flagged off - Pretty relaxed huh?

When I saw the others started running, I told myself, "Here we go Piggy!! Time for some exercise!"
Then I realized – Crap! I didn’t warm up before I start the run…So, I start to brisk walk first then a jog..hoping I won’t get a cramp later. One thing for sure – I didn’t want to be the last person to reach the finish line!

Well, I guess the guys enjoyed quite a view during the run. With white tops, some even have matching white shorts or long pants. So, I guess you know what I meant when I said it was a rather colourful day for the boys to feast their eyes on.. :p

By the way, when I realized I’m reaching the finish line, I told myself, "Hey, that was fast??!!” and I was surprised I wasn’t gasping for air like I thought I would . I wasn’t feeling restlestly tired as I should have been for not doing any exercise for decades. On the contrarary, I was feeling rather good.. I went “WOW!” with myself.. hahaha..

Curious drivers - as usual, caused an unnecessary massive traffic jam

I can see the finish line!! Woohoo! I did it?!!

After the run, went to grab a drink and bananas given free to runners before heading off to queue up and get the participating certificate. I was expecting to run into some of my friends I knew they were participating too (10KM & half marathon run) but wasn’t lucky enough to bump into them. Next year, aiming to join the 10KM run and earn myself a medal..hehehe..Hope I’ll be fit enough :P

Went home feeling good.
Am glad my first weekend with string of activities started off quite well !

Earned a Participation Cert at the end of the run

Click here for the results of the marathon.


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