Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pleo the Baby Camarasaurus


My sister asked me, "Cea, have you seen Pleo?"
I went, "Huh?! What's that?"
Now, Let me share with you what is Pleo..

I went “ Awww… so cute…” when I saw Pleo. I was in fact, quite fascinated with it.
Pleo is a robotic baby Camarasaurus. During Jurasic times, Camarasaurus was a herbivore dinosaur. It won't bite! :p

Pleo responds to touches and it has programmed emotions and it could show when it’s happy, curious, playful, scared, surprised or sad! Cool eh?!

I would want to own one!! At least I don’t have to clean up his poo and pee. Best thing is he would be “alive” as long as I want ^_^ But Pleo is definitely not cheap. It’s retail price is at a whooping RM 1699!! Okie.. Maybe it should suffice to get to play with it when I visit the store..hehehe

Go and experience Pleo!

Date : Every 2nd & last Saturday of the month
Time : 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Venue :

Penang Pensonic Customer Care Centre
16 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
11700 Penang

Petaling Jaya Pensonic Customer Care Centre
Lot 11A, Jalan 223 Seksyen 51 A
46100 Petaling Jaya

Click here to watch video of PLEO.


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