Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nasi Padang


Passed by the Puti Bungsu Batam restaurant a few times but never walk in there. This restaurant serves Nasi Padang and they made quite a name in Batam Island.
Managed to convince my colleagues, even the tea lady, to join me for a Nasi Padang lunch. There were eight of us and the waiter’s first question is ‘With or without aircond?” With the freaking hot sun, of course we chose to sit in an aircond room ^_^ We were then ushered to a room fit for 12 pax attached with an aircond unit.

The waiter came with all the plates stacked up! (It was stacked higher than what was shown here, snapped the photo too late)

Rice served in colander - Eat all you want!


Rendang Beef

Kicap Beef

Bergedel - mashed potatoes + bits of chicken meat

Otak-Otak - not too fishy smell, more to chilli and herbs smell

Sambal Eggs


Paku pakis masak Lemak

Green Chillies

Fried Fish

Lemak Fish

Curry Chicken

Chilli Chicken

BBQ Chicken - my favourite among all the chicken variety served

Steamed Chicken


Beef + Potatoes + Carrots Soup

Spread of food

My first helping of lunch ^_^

It’s a little different compared to Nasi Kandar / Mamak shop where you choose what to go with your rice and then they count how much it cost then give you a resit to pay at the counter later. Here at Puti Bungsu, small serving plates of food were served and you pay according to what you take - all or some portion of it ( eg: 2 piece of chicken, ate 1 piece, so you only pay for one piece) Come to think of it, what will they do with the “uneaten” piece? Put it back to the tray for the next customer?

*shakes head – okay I’m not going to think about that part*

Before finishing first helping, your appetite just gets bigger and can't resist a second or third helping!

Some of the items price list:

Rice : RM 2 per head (refillable)

Vege : RM3/ plate

Sambal Egg : RM 5 (2 pcs)

Fried Chicken : RM 4.50 /pc

Beef Rendang : RM 5 /plate

Prawns : RM 6/plate

Soup (Beef+potatoes+carrots) : RM15 /bowl

Total bill for 8 pax : RM 155.

Food was satisfying, a good lunch indeed ! ^_^ We enjoyed the food spread very much!

Puti Bungsu Batam

4 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Tel# 03-2171 1197

Business Hours: 9.00am – 12.00am


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