Monday, September 10, 2012

BacktheBid2020 Flash Mob (Malaysia)


Had the AWESOME opportunity to join in the fun with squash stars and their fans to raise awareness for the campaign to include Squash in the Olympics 2020.

(I still can't fathom why Squash wasn't included in the Olympics since like ages ago???)

Anyway.. watch the video!! The mob was lead by Dato' Nicol Ann David

Where was I? Somewhere far behind / end of the mob *was too shy to stand in front - not forgetting I didn't rehearse the steps before I join them* =p

But it was all fun! Especially for a first timer mob! ^_^

Kudos to the organizing comittee!

Full article by The Star newspaper : Squash fraternity turn out in full force to perform mob

Visit Squash 202 Facebook Page

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