Monday, December 26, 2011

Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice + Salty Vege Pork Soup


I've been to quite a few stalls serving yam rice and salted vege pork soup, but none can beat this stall at Sentosa Corner Kopitiam! Thanks to Daddy & Mommy for bringing me here ^_^

That's the signage you should see, then you know you're at the right place =p

The stall is on the first left :)

Here it comes!! I'm literally salivating now while looking at this photo..reminds me of the taste. I WANNA EAT AGAIN!!! -_- and put lots & lotsa meatballs!!!! *wipe saliva*

The Yam rice really had huge chuks of yams in it, unlike some places..(ppfftt!) and the smell of the dried prawns + soy sauce + yam blends in really good and ohhh soo yummy!! Goes really well with the saly vege pork soup..
It's like your appetite is "OPEN UP"! (if you know what I mean)

There are also other stalls selling Hokkien Mee, Loh Bak, Jawa Mee, Chicken Rice.. etc..
As it takes a while for the order of Yam Rice & Salty Vege Pork Soup to arrive (lotsa orders!),so go ahead and try the Loh Bak..pretty satisfying.. 

Chinese style Pasembur - I'll pass, still prefer the one at Batu Lanchang market :p


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