Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lil' Piggy Fell RAW!


Most of the time, I would only realised I have knocked into something after noticing a bruise on my leg or hand (hot spots).

Clumsy Lil Piggy - That's me.. Let me tell you what happened earlier today..

I have just undressed myself and getting ready to take my shower…

As I enter the happened too fast I can’t grasp on anything to keep my balance..

One second, I was standing upright, putting one foot and the other stepping onto the bathroom floor..the next second I was on the floor!

GAWD!!! The noise when I fell sounds like a SLAB OF RAW MEAT (pork, in this case) being thrown onto the wet floor!


My whole left side of my body was in pain!

I can only thank heavens that I didn't knock my head on the toilet bowl and passed out! ( I imagined being found nude by my housemate - sooooo not funny!)

There were tears in my eyes but I was giggling to myself at the same time as I raise myself up and check for bruises.

If my housemate (residing in the bedroom next to mine) asked me what had happened at that time, I think I will start laughing out loud! Luckily she didn’t say a word (probably thinking I dropped all the bottles of shampoo and shower cream by accident).

I kinda guess the reason why I got into this situation :-

I was always thinking in my mind – No.. I don't wanna fall in the bathroom..please don't fall..please don't fall..

And YEAH… That was what just happened to me a while ago!!!

Some of the bruises on my left leg..didn't capture those on my thigh, arm and buttock.. hee hee!


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